Identification of new project areas with outstanding renewable energy potential is vital to success. Building on our vast experience in project development, the RPP team’s intimate knowledge and our technical expertise, we select the most promising sites for renewable sources projects.


The core parameter of a sound profitability forecast for a potential project site is the precise knowledge of the resource conditions (wind and accordingly solar irradiation).

Many years of experience in organizing, implementing and evaluating enable an exact determination of the site-specific energy potential.

We work to identify the optimal locations for resource measurement, select the appropriate sensors and equipment according to the respective requirements and international standards and guidelines, and monitor the measurement from installation to completion of the measurement campaign.


RE-POWER Project has the knowledge, experience and necessary experts to perform a technical inspection of facilities.

Grid connection process is mainly long-term process. For this reason, it is important to pay special attention in the initial phase of project planning. Having in mind all the above, it is necessary to submit a request for an opinion on the possibility of connection as soon as possible.


During the development phase, the goal is to ensure that the entire project runs smoothly and on schedule. Stakeholder communication and coordination is essential. This means collaboration and open communication with the project owner, the landowners, the municipality, local residents, authorities and consultants.

Open communication with various stakeholders is needed to ensure that the project impact is understood by all concerned parties such as landowners, municipalities, local residents and authorities.


RE-POWER Project offers a wide array of electrical, civil and mechanical engineering services of the highest quality standards throughout the project development process. Our projects are distinguished by their high productivity, cost efficiency and strict observation of environmental, social and legal standards.

With a proven record of accomplishment of engineering RPP has positioned itself as one of the leading engineering consultants in the field of renewable energies in Serbia.


RE-POWER Project has the knowledge and experience about the necessary procedures and steps that need to be taken in order to obtain the all permits for the client as efficiently as possible.

Our permitting services cover all permits needed for a renewable source project. We prepare the necessary reports and studies related to the permits, file the applications, communicate with authorities, and coordinate the overall permitting process.

In the permitting process, it is essential to be familiar with the legislation and to understand the critical steps in the permitting schedule. When the permitting process is professionally managed, the project will also progress on schedule.


Our most important task in procurement services is to propose the investment with the best possible return for the customer. We have negotiated with all major suppliers and have agreed on deliveries.

Power projects in energy industries are often delivered by a single lump-sum turnkey engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor. From a financing party's perspective, this model is attractive because there is one point of responsibility under one contract for all of the risks involved in building a complex power project.


Tenders for equipment suppliers require in-depth knowledge of the development process as well as risks, costs and many other related factors.

RE-POWER Project is able to prepare tender documents for the supply and installation of plant and equipment in accordance with common bank requirements. The documents will be prepared for contracts financed by the banks involving the supply, installation and commissioning of all renewable plant and equipment, such as wind plants, solar plants and other facilities such as substations, switchyards etc.


Performing a technical inspection of the facility is mandatory when obtaining the Usage Permit.

The technical inspection determines eligibility of the facility for use and compliance of the performed works with the Construction Permit and technical documentation/design on the basis of which the facility was built, ie performed works, as well as with technical regulations and standards related to certain types of works, materials, equipment and installations.


Whether you think about buying individual projects, a project portfolio or even the acquisition of an entire company – we support you with a solid technical due diligence.

For potential investors or during project financing (Lender's Technical Advisor), we perform a comprehensive due diligence for your project. We particularly focus on aspects such as the project’s technical or economic feasibility, permit issues and stage of development (readiness for building, etc.). You benefit from the in-depth know-how of our experts and the extensive service portfolio of the RE-POWER Project.