Good practice for social acceptance

best practiceWind energy projects exist within, and not separate from, communities. Wind energy deployment may raise considerable concerns in local communities about possible impacts such as noise, landscape and visual disturbance, local economic impacts and land use issues. It is very important to explain to communities and to local authority all environmental and economic impacts and benefits of the project.


Remanufactured Wind Turbines

remanufactured wind turbineRemanufactured turbines are available option for many seeking to take advantage of clean and renewable wind power. Schools, small and rural communities, farms, and country in developments are just a few of those taking part in the repowering of aging and decommissioned wind systems. These renewable energy users are operating systems with the same nameplate capacity as new, but at a fraction of the price.


Dugoročni meteorološki podaci

wind map euZa analizu koristimo MERRA model. MERRA model je NASA proizvod koji spaja numeričko modelovanje sa velikim brojem empirijskim podacima (merenjima sa površine Zemlje i osmatranjima Zemlje, itd.). Model generiše a dugoročne baze sa globalnom rezolucijom ½ stepena geografske širine i 2/3 stepena geografske dužine. Meteorološki podaci su jednočasovni. Podaci su dostupni od 1979 za različite opsege pritiska i visine od zemlje. Analizirani periodi su uglavnom duži od 20 godina.


Potencijal vetra

wind potentialBased on the measurement of the wind it is possible to estimate wind potential. Using sophisticated software the wind potential report summarizing the observed wind resource is normally produced on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, as well as at the end of the monitoring program.


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