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Acciona AW-77/1500 Acciona AW-77/1500


The diameter of a rotor from the wind turbine Acciona AW-77/1500 is 77.0 meters and the rotor sweep is 4615.0 square meters. The rated power output is 1500.0 kW.

The rotor consists of 3 rotor blades made of high quality GFRP.

At a wind speed of 3.5 m/s the Acciona AW-77/1500 turbine joins the grid connection. The rated actual power output is at a wind speed of 11.1 m/s.

The nacelle is equipped with a 3.0 -stage spur/planetary gearbox with a ratio of 1:65.

The generator of the Acciona AW-77/1500 is a Double Fed Asyn type.

The Acciona AW-77/1500 has a Steel tube tower with a height of 60/71.5/80 meters.

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