By the end of the 80's Lagerwey became well known for its LW10/35 and especially for its two bladed LW15/75 design. Its successor, the LW18/80 –has become an outright technical and commercial success. More than 600 of these have been installed across the world, with almost all of them still in operation today, testifying to the quality build and design of these turbines.

Based on the successful LW18/80 wind turbine concept, the LW30/250 was introduced to the market with a 30 meter rotor diameter and 250 kW nominal power. As a result of the light structure and excellent grid properties this wind turbine is especially suited for less developed countries. Over 300 LW30/250's are in operation in India.

In 1996 Lagerwey launched a completely new wind turbine design, the LW50/750, a gearless three bladed 750 kW direct drive machine with synchronous generator. The converter technology was based on state-of-the-art IGBTs and provides excellent grid quality. Over 250 units of the 750 kW series have been installed all over the world.

After the development of these first generation designs and the 2 MW direct drive with permanent magnet generator, the LW72/2000, Lagerwey and the sector saw a significant growth of wind project size and large investments needed. As a result in 2006, the company's expertise was used to create Lagerwey Group BV which now concentrates on reliable, state-of-the-art, direct drive wind turbines. The focus of the company is on the reduction of the cost price per kWh, achieved by the ultimate reduction of the number of components and a high level of in – house production capabilities.

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