logo nordexNordex has been delivering wind turbines on its proven multi-MW platform to customers all around the world since 2000. The steady evolution of our products ensures that they remain competitive. On the basis of shared technical platform generations, our range currently comprises Generation Delta and Generation Gamma wind power systems. The average availability of all turbines covered by Nordex Service stands at 98 per cent. Nordex offers high-efficient turbines for all wind classes. Solution-driven innovations such as the Anti-Icing-System and a range of tower solutions expand the application area.

There is hardly any other technology which has made the same progress as wind energy in the past few years. Nordex is one of the fathers of this development. After all, we have been setting standards since 1985 with ever larger and thus increasingly more efficient turbines.

Many years of wind energy expertise, systematic engineering skills and customer-oriented product development are incorporated in each of the over 5,500 wind turbines which we have produced. Our range offers sophisticated and innovative wind energy systems for all geographic regions including coastal and non-coastal, strong-wind and weak-wind sites. Day for day, our hot and cold-climate models demonstrate their suitability for deployment in extreme desert and permafrost conditions.

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