Twenty years of experience and the installation of 30,000 MW in 46 countries have made Gamesa a global technology leader in the wind industry.

The company has its own wind turbine design and development capacity and is vertically integrated; Gamesa covers the entire process of conception, manufacturing, assembly, logistics, installation, commissioning and maintenance of wind generators.

The company has manufacturing capacity in the major wind power markets (Europe, the United States, China, India and Brazil) and its sales network covers many European countries, North America, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Singapore and several North African countries, such as Morocco and Egypt.

Gamesa has a range of market-oriented products and focused on the cost of energy: Gamesa 2.0-2.5 MW and Gamesa 5.0 MW onshore and offshore.

For the mainstream segment, the company has evolved its 2.0 MW platform to 2.5 MW. This new platform offers double-digit increases in swept area and in annual power output, is better adapted to the grid and makes less noise, all with the goal of reducing the cost of energy by over 10%.

The 4.5 MW multi-megawatt platform has ramped up to 5 MW (suitable for offshore and onshore use). This is an increasingly significant turbine, especially in mature markets, and is distinguished by its high availability, its easy transportation and compliance with the most stringent grid connection standards. Furthermore, working with a single platform for onshore and offshore will boost the company's operating experience in this segment, allowing shared and more reliable technical development.

The multi-megawatt platform reduces the environmental impact of wind farms by obtaining the same capacity with fewer turbines, while also reducing civil engineering costs by between 10% and 45% per MW.

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