Tender Preparation

PRP  is able to prepare tender documents for the supply and installation of plant and equipment in accordance with common bank requirements. The documents will be prepared for contracts financed by the banks involving the supply, installation and commissioning of all renewable plant and equipment, such as wind plants, solar plants, etc and other facilities  such as substations, switchyards etc.

 All tender documentation might be prepared on English language on client request.

These documents should be used where the nature and complexity of the plant and equipment is such that the facilities cannot safely be accepted by the bank’s client without elaborate testing, precommissioning, commissioning and acceptance procedures being followed.

The documents might include both a single stage and a two stage tender procedure. The way of tender might be chosen by the client or the client’s bank as appropriate to each circumstance. The choice shall depend on the complexity of the contract and the particular circumstances surrounding its procurement and implementation, and shall be subject of the prior agreement between client and bank.

Prior to issuing the tender documents, all information and data particular to each individual contract and required by participants will be completed by us (all relevant and available data from the project design, tender data, the special conditions of contract, the technical specifications and drawings etc.).

The agreement for preparation of tender will contain the steps briefly described below:


The invitation for tenders

It should provide information that enables potential constructors to easily consider their participation. In the invitation to tenders will be indicated any important tender evaluation criteria or qualification requirement (for example a requirement for a minimum level of experience in construction and installing a similar type of plant and equipment to that for which the invitation for tenders is issued). The invitation must be incorporated into the tender documents. The information contained in the invitation must reflect and be consistent with the other sections of the tender documents.


Preliminary examination of tenders

It is examination whether the tenders are generally in order (to determine whether they are complete, whether any computational errors have been made, whether the documents have been properly signed, etc.).


Commercial evaluation

Comparisons between tenders shall be based on the EXW price of plant and equipment considering the origin of the equipment (if the equipment offered from outside the country); plus the cost of local transportation, all installation and other services to be provided under the contract and additional evaluation factors as may be specified in the Tender Data.



Take into account the tenderer’s financial, technical and production capabilities, in particular its contract work in process, future commitments and current litigations.

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