Remanufactured Wind Turbines

Remanufactured turbines are available option for many seeking to take advantage of clean and renewable wind power. Schools, small and rural communities, farms, and country in developments are just a few of those taking part in the repowering of aging and decommissioned wind systems. These renewable energy users are operating systems with the same nameplate capacity as new, but at a fraction of the price.

With the renewed interest in alternative and renewable energy sources over the past decade, along with renewable energy mandates and government incentives, new investment capital has been pouring into developing more efficient machines with higher output capacities. Wind turbine technology has rapidly advanced over the past decade. Many manufacturers are now building turbines with name plate capacities of several megawatts.

It can be financially advantageous to erect a wind turbine with a larger nameplate capacity before the existing wind turbine is technically outdated. This is especially the case for Denmark, Germany, Holland and Spain, as the governments financially support these repowering solutions.

The advancement in technology, and financial incentives, is allowing wind farm operators to significantly increase their electricity production out of the same area of land.

However the existing wind turbines are often in good condition, and have many years of power producing life left. Companies which are manufacturing, these wind turbines and claiming they will continue to operate for an average of twenty years or more with proper maintenance.