Preparation of documentation for obtaining permits

RPP has the knowledge and experience about the necessary procedures and steps that need to be taken in order to obtain the all permits for the client as efficiently as possible.

Energy permit

Energy permit is required for facilities with an installed capacity of more than 1 MW.

The following documents are necessary to be handed in, together with the request for obtaining an energy permit:

- Location data or excerpt from the spatial plan (if it is exhausted)

-  Feasibility study for the construction of an energy facility ( recommendation: general design with previous feasibility study), with a special environmental impact analysis including proposed protection measures or conceptual design.

- Bank statement on readiness to finance the construction of the energy facility.

- Opinion of the transmission / distribution system operator on the possibilities of connecting the facility to the energy system.

Location consents

Location consents contain all the data/conditions needed for production of the technical documentation and preliminary or main project in order to be in accordance with the planning documents.

Construction permit

After receiving a positive report of the technical control of the main project, the application for a construction permit is submitted to the competent authority for the issuance of the same.

The main design (design for construction permit) elaborates the construction technical and technological characteristics of the energy facility during operation, including equipment and installations, technical and technological organizational solutions during the construction of the facility , investment costs and requirements regarding the maintenance of the facility.

The main design is subject of the company technical control and engineers with necessary licenses.

Usage permit

The Technical Inspection Commission determines whether the constructed facility is suitable for use.

The constructed facility can be used after the obtaining of the use permit. It is necessary to prepare the derived condition project, as well.

Unified Procedures

It should also be noted that all activities related to the planned works and the preparation of the necessary technical documentation must be processed through the "Unified Procedures" system.
The unified procedure is a set of procedures and activities carried out by the competent service in connection with the construction, extension or reconstruction of facilities, or execution of works, which include the issuance of location conditions, issuance of building permits, or decisions under Article 145 of the Law on Planning and Construction. text: Law), application of works, obtaining consent for technical documentation, issuing a use permit, obtaining conditions for designing, ie connecting facilities to the infrastructure network, obtaining documents and other documents issued by holders of public authorizations, which are a condition for construction of facilities, ie for issuing location conditions, construction and use permits from their jurisdiction, as well as providing conditions for connection to the infrastructure network, registration of property rights on the constructed facility, as well as amending the acts obtained in this procedure.

The Rulebook on the Procedure for Implementing the Unified Procedure ("Official Gazette of the RS", No. 68/2019) prescribes in detail the subject and procedure for the implementation of the unified procedure, keeping and content of the register of unified procedures and central records, as well as the authorizations and obligations of the registrar. documents contained in the register, the manner of exchange of documents and submissions in the unified procedure, as well as the form in which technical documentation and acts are submitted or exchanged in that procedure.

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