RE-POWER Project has the knowledge, experience and necessary experts to perform a technical inspection of facilities.

Performing a technical inspection of the facility is mandatory when obtaining the Usage Permit.

The technical inspection determines:

  • Eligibility of the facility for use,
  • Compliance of the performed works with the Construction Permit and technical documentation/design on the basis of which the facility was built, ie performed works, as well as with technical regulations and standards related to certain types of works, materials, equipment and installations.

Technical inspection is now the responsibility of the investor, not the administrative body (not within the unified procedure).

  • The technical inspection commission consists of engineers with appropriate licenses, appointed by the investor.
  • Only for facilities with the highest degree of risk from the point of view of fire protection, the participation of representatives of the Ministry of the Interior (MUP) in performing technical inspection and preparation of technical inspection report is envisaged.

Technical acceptance of the facility can be done after the completion of all works or in parallel with the execution of works. Also, a re-technical inspection can be performed, as well as a technical inspection of previously performed works (facilities).

Furthermore, the technical inspection can be performed for the entire facility but also by phases of construction of the facility (for facilities for which the construction permit provides for phased construction and for parts of the facility that are not provided for as special phases, which are in the opinion of the technical inspection commission or in accordance with the technical documentation, they represent technical-technological units and can be used independently).

The Technical Review Board shall determine compliance with respect to:

  1. position and basic dimensions of the facility;
  2. basic elements of building construction;
  3. elements of technical protection of the facility;
  4. finishing and equipment of the facility;
  5. type of installation in the building;
  6. specific devices and plants installed in the facility;
  7. arrangement of the construction plot on which the facility was built.

The Technical Inspection Commission performs the inspection on the basis of:

  1. technical documentation and design;
  2. construction permit;
  3. confirmation of the competent authority on the receipt of the statement on the completion of the construction of the foundation;
  4. special construction documentation on geodetic works performed during construction;
  5. certificate on the quality of installed material and equipment; 
  6. special certificates of authorized bodies and organizations on the correctness of appropriate systems;
  7. results of control of performed works;
  8. construction log and other construction documentation;
  9. visual observations and, if necessary, control measurements.

Facility trial period

The commission for technical inspection may approve the commissioning of the facility if, in order to determine the suitability of the facility for use, preliminary tests and checks of installations, devices, plant, stability or safety of the facility, device and
environmental protection plants, fire protection devices or other tests, or if it is provided by technical documentation, ie construction permit or decision on approval of works.

Commissioning can also be done for phases, ie parts of the facility that represent technical-technological units and can be used as such independently.

The trial period may last for a maximum of one year.

The Technical Inspection Commission issues to the Investor a certificate of approval for the release of the facility, phase or part of the facility, which is signed by the President and all members of the Commission.

The investor submits the certificate to the competent authority.

The competent authority shall submit the certificate to the construction inspection, within three days from the day of receipt of the certificate.

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